How To Read My Bill

It is important to us that you understand your Entrust Energy electric bill and the electric bill savings you can receive as an Entrust Energy customer. The following information will assist you in learning more about your bill. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Service Address: The address where you receive Entrust Energy electricity service.
  3. Bill Date: The date your electric bill is processed. You will receive one electric bill per month.
  4. ESI Number: The industry uses this “Electricity Service Indicator” to identify residential properties. It is often also known as ESIID.
  5. Account Summary: An itemization of your balance, payments and charges for electric service as disclosed in your electricity facts label (EFL), including applicable taxes and fees. Please refer to the EFL you received when you signed up with Entrust Energy for more information about your applicable electric bill rates.
  6. TDU Pass-Through Charges: The total amounts assessed by a Texas Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) for the delivery of your electricity over poles and wires and other Texas TDU facilities, not including discretionary charges.
  7. Total Amount Due: This is the total amount that you currently owe Entrust Energy, including past due balances from your previous electric bills. When paying your electric bill by mail, please do so at least five days prior to the due date so that we receive your bill on time. Click here to learn about your other payment options.
  8. Account Number: Your Account Number identifies each Entrust Energy account you may have and is often used to pay your electric bill or set up recurring payments. You may have more than one Account Number.
  9. Meter Read: Information regarding the meter reading detail from your local electric utility for the bill period that supports the charges outlined on page 1 of your electric bill.
  10. Average Price Paid: The total of all fixed and variable recurring charges on your electric bill, excluding state and local sales taxes, reimbursement for the state miscellaneous gross receipts tax and any nonrecurring charges or credits, divided by the kilowatt-hour consumption.
  11. Your Electric Use: A summary of the electricity used on your account, including a graph to help you track your electricity usage and perform an electric bill comparison.

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Entrust Energy Does Not Charge Unnecessary Fees

You have finally found the Texas electricity provider that is right for you. We are going to save you money and lower your electric bill prices. How will you know if you are saving money on your electricity bill? That’s easy! Find an old bill from your previous electric company and notice that they probably charged you customer care fees, minimum usage fees or fees to pay your bill online. Then look at your Entrust Energy bill - there are no customer care or minimum usage fees!

Transparency and honesty are important to us. At Entrust Energy, we stand by our promise to provide you with cheap electricity and reputable customer service while avoiding all unnecessary and hidden fees.

Whether you are living in Houston, Dallas – Fort Worth, Corpus Christi or any other deregulated area of Texas, electricity bills can be confusing. But, Entrust Energy is consistently working to make your electricity bill as clear and easy-to-read as possible. If you are confused about your electric bill, call us today at 1.800.871.8100. We are standing by to assist you.

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